Hi, I’m Josh. Launched in 2017, Crumbs on the Map is a growing collection of great places to eat from around the world that I’ve stumbled across on many ramblings. Housed in Bristol, England- expect to find a smattering of UK eats amongst the further flung finds.

I launched this food-meets-travel-meets-restaurant critic- meets -recipe galore -blog from a conversation with my mum (big shout out). We were talking about where I wanted to head next- down my current line of work or another route. My three loves are eating, drinking and writing, which I currently get to do in my day job, but not in the creative capacity I was after, so meet Crumbs on the Map.


All food is this pleasurable. There’s a nicer picture of me below- promise. (Taken at a hot dog house in Iceland- woah that place was good.)

The passion for food literally started at birth (and I don’t just mean for survival). Before I was on solids my food was whatever the parents were having, blended. Blended roast dinner? Delicious. The writing came along later, the love for it found from some excellent English teachers growing up and wanting to emulate my great literary heroes (Phillip Pullman, J.K Rowling, Jay Rayner… ). And the travelling later still. The world is big, and the mind yet bigger- so it makes sense to see as much of it as I possibly can to fill at least some of it up.

My other hobby is my dog.


Who’s a good girl?

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Here’s the nicer picture I promised. And yes, I did tie that bow tie all by myself.