Cauldron meets Squeezed, Bristol

A relationship for the ages, one written in the stars in a tale so rich that constellations of the two titans dominate the night sky in all four corners of the world. Or so it should be with Cauldron and Squeezed. A collaboration to end all collaborations. As they put it themselves, Bristol’s best chips meeting Bristol’s best burgers; and a sentiment I couldn’t have agreed with more.

Cauldron, a stalwart of the Bristol restaurant scene and at the vanguard (and rightly so, might I add) in not taking any sh*t from no shows and flaky reservations. Greeted by the rich smells from open fires on entering and looking upon the much loved and worn tables to sit at, Cauldron has its roots firmly planted in the hearts of its patrons, and its cooking in tradition.

Squeezed is a love affair for me which began around a year ago when I first made out w…. ate, I mean ate, the St. Werburger. It was the smoked bacon and caper aioli which won me over in its all-consuming flavour, knocking me for six each bite washed down with an original lemonade. Together, Cauldron and Squeezed to me is an unstoppable force. £20 represented unbelievably good value too, for a two-course meal and an alcoholic lemonade.

I opted for the Reverse Cowgirl burger, drowning in sour cream and a chipotle barbecue sauce it was a messy, gloriously juice dripping mighty beast of a burger which once I picked up I literally couldn’t put down, for fear of it coming apart and that I might die before I got to finish it. Alongside was a pile of mighty Cauldron chips which I added the ‘dutty ya’self’ upgrade too, drenching them in braised ox cheek and cheese. Their soft fluffy inners were a wonder to behold and an excellent mop for the spilt juices and sauces. We also shared a plate of the fried pickles- a favourite of ours which were sweet with a good bite of acidity with a wonderfully crisp and crunchy batter. The better half opted for the St. Werburger, but being a double patty colossus, finishing it was a task too great so I rather unfortunately, fortunately had to step in and finish it off and was transported back to my first time with it.

double patty burger dripping in sour cream, barbecue sauce and cheese

Yeeha! Which I think is the first time I’ve ever written that. But this burger deserves it. Delicious.

Pudding was a new-found favourite of mine, and beautifully presented. The key lime pile driver. A heap of deconstructed key lime filling, two glorious scoops of , topped with a lime jelly and crumbled speculoos, beautifully presented in a cast iron pan my mouth is watering as I type this remembering just how good it was. It was a dessert which catapulted itself into my favourites of all time, up there with the Sticky Toffee pudding at The Pony and Trap and the salted caramel cheesecake at St. Martin’s in Prague (look out for the blog on that one soon). It was scrumptious and my only complaint was that there simply wasn’t enough of it.

lemon posset in a cast iron dish with jelly piled on top with crumbled biscuit.

I really need the recipe for this. I could eat litres upon litres of it.

With all of this I was sipping on a Red Queen- a lemonade by Squeezed with the prominent flavour of rose, backed up a with a good slug of gin, which largely improves any beverage and was an excellent and light accompaniment to the meal- stout is not needed for something like this.

Any other words I write are only to heap yet more praise on what a fantastic evening and collaborative debut this was. Very simply, more please.

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