Lynwood & Co, Cotswolds

On the southern border of the Cotswolds is the small and picturesque market village of Lechlade, filled to the brim with teetering stone cottages and winding lanes. We’d taken a room at the quaint New Inn the night before and were in need of breakfast. Very fortunately for us we were next door to Lynwood & Co, voted one of the best places to have breakfast at in the UK. The décor was minimalist as one expects from cafés today. But there was a touch of the nautical, the maritime about it harking to the river and its past as a trading lay over between Bristol and London when the canals were used.

The coffee was excellent, both rich and full-bodied with a complete lack of bitterness and more importantly at a fair price too. The menu consisted of the usual breakfast fayre with one important distinction. French toast. It had been some years since I’d last had French toast outside of home- I mean I have seen it on menus, I just don’t always fancy something so sweet for breakfast. Anyway, choices aside I went for it, and I was not disappointed.

Two pieces of toast stacked with maple syrup and cream on a white plate.

A glorious breakfast. French toast dripping with syrup and mascarpone cream.


What greeted me was an incr-edible dish. Two thick slabs of sourdough from the close by Sourdough Revolution, made into the most exquisite French toast. A soft chewy inner but the outside crisp and lightly sweet. When I come to making this at home next, I too will plump for a sourdough loaf from now on. The toast was then engulfed in maple syrup which oozed into the holes and dips and wells of the bread before turning the plate underneath a rich amber when the bread was broken. And atop this mountain of sweetness was the crowning glory, a hefty dollop of mascarpone cream. Thick and silky smooth it mellowed out the sugar hit and provided that wonderful sensation which is only present when hot and cold foods meet as it slowly melted over the toast and created a flavour worth travelling back for.

There’s a reason Lynwood & Co are ranked so highly in the country. I can only say I wish I lived closer.

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