Rice Up! Zurich

Leaving Milan with wallet and purse lighter… Not having realised we hadn’t paid for one of the hotels in advance, we rolled into Zurich, the most expensive destination on our trip on the thinnest shoestring of a budget you’ve heard of- which in itself will make for a post!

Wandering around Zurich with barely two francs to rub together we found the answer to our prayers in Rice Up. Switzerland’s answer to the UK’s Wagamama. Whilst the prices alone were enough to draw us in with a meal costing around £10 per person which is so cheap for Switzerland, so was the food inside. After a solid week of bread, pasta and cheese we were on the hunt for much needed greens and fresh vegetables.

rice up

On a nutrition mission, Rice Up! was the answer to ending our carbohydrate binge.

Assembling a bowl along the counters piling on each and every vegetable you could imagine I also went for chicken, boiled rice, a poached egg, Thai red curry sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. The vegetables crunched and I could feel the nutritional benefit hitting almost instantly after such a long procession of beige. Tender chicken smothered in the aromatic curry sauce offered the texture and creaminess of coconut, the bite of ginger and the heat of chilli in a single bite.

Poached egg split and melded with the rice whilst the peanuts cut through the sauce providing balance to the dish. Content with the fresh meal we’d devoured and feeling the benefit of an entire 5 a day taken in one meal, we chose not to go for dessert and instead walked along the city’s streets taking in the splendour of the lake at night. Our wanderings will make for the next post, so keep an eye out!

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