Pizzium, Milan

Pizzium is already one of the highest ranked restaurants in Milan, and after we visited we could see why. Located not too far from the Jerusalem metro station, Pizzium is both tucked away and wonderfully understated given its stature in Milan’s restaurant scene.

Luckily- it being a Tuesday evening in the off-season we were able to get a table without booking ahead- though before getting into the food I’ll tell you now that a wait is worth it. Trust me. I opted for a pizza Bianca (one without a tomato base), I didn’t know it was a white pizza when I ordered it having tossed a coin as to which one I’d go for. The Lazio pizza was topped with cured meats like speck and prosciutto, hard Italian cheeses and egg. Whatever description I give this pizza will do it little justice.

pizza with no tomato sauce on a plate.

The Lazio in all its cheesy, cheesy glory.

The base was fantastically crisp with a soft, chewy crust which provided some excellent mouthfeel whilst the toppings came together and balanced. Tomato would’ve ruined it. I couldn’t quite believe the enormity of the pizza either, around 12 inches in diameter and for a mere €8 it represented one of the best value meals we had on our trip round Europe. Alongside I had it accompanied with a glass of Sangiovese- a little spicy and cherry like on the tongue served to replace the heat found in some tomato bases and brought out much of the flavour of the cheeses which are often held back by the saltiness, it was a simple pleasure.

To follow I had a mammoth, though incredibly unphotogenic helping of tiramisu. It could comfortably feed two, but in the name of the cause I managed to consume the entire thing. Incredibly rich layers of cream and espresso soaked sponge with cocoa and a well-delivered punch of liqueur left me full and content.

One of the great things about this place as well is the staff. Upon entering every member said hello including the chefs from the open plan kitchen, and as we left so did they all say goodbye. A place to visit if ever you’re in Milan.

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