Asado, Bristol

Finally! I finally got to go to Asado, and it was worth the wait. Arriving home from London after a 12 hour day, the blue and orange frontage beckoned.  Entering, we were greeted by the most wonderful of aromas. Bacon. That, and some relaxed beats from a carefully crafted playlist. Or I think it was… I enjoyed all the tracks it played at any rate. The staff were warm and welcoming. Who wouldn’t be smiley surrounded by such an atmosphere is beyond me. Picking up a menu I opted for the rosemary and salt chips (£2.50), the courgette fritters (£4) and the El Don (£8.50).

Asado El Don

Glory in a bun, I don’t know where to begin to describe its greatness.

The El Don. I almost don’t know where to begin. Juices dripping from the organic beef patty cooked pink becoming muddled with the pancetta BBQ onions, a wondrous invention. I’ve never had onions like this. Deliciously sweet and soft bundled in with the occasional crunch of piece of pancetta- the smokiness of which obliterated all other flavours leaving a fresh palette bite after sumptuous bite. Melted West Country Cheddar completed the ensemble as it oozed over the patty and onto the lettuce and tomato before coming away from the bun entirely leaving wonderfully sticky pieces of cheese to be picked off the dish. A tangy garlic mayonnaise held the deliciousness to the bun- a soft seeded brioche one at that. The sweetness of which perfectly sandwiched the salt and flavours between it.

courgette fritter

Forget hummus and crisps. Bring out the courgette fritters and chipotle mayo!

The courgette fritters were as equally exceptional. Fresh and verdant they maintained their succulence whilst the breaded outer crunched under-tooth. Accompanied with a chipotle mayonnaise which the fritters seemed to almost gobble up it disappeared so quickly. Or that may have been my love for it. I’d expected thick slices of courgette so was thoroughly surprised and impressed by the long matchstick cut. The chips were crisp and wonderfully heavily salted. The rosemary struggled to come through until the final few bites leaving me to think I’d either managed to bite through a sprig or the seasoning had sunk to the bottom. For burgers in Bristol, Asado is well worth visiting.

If you’re in Bristol why not check out another couple of places I recommend such as Cowshed or the Primrose Café?

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